Boys Rec

Boys recreational gymnastics classes will focus on building strength, flexibility, and power. Students will concentrate on spring floor and trampoline work with some exposure to the single rail bar. Students will build a strong foundation of basic gymnastics fundamentals in our level 1 class. Level 2 and above classes will focus on more advanced fundamentals with emphasis on form and technique. Students will also complete flexibility and strengthening exercises for the conditioning required to complete skills safely. For the safety of the children, and to ensure a positive experience, class size is limited to an 8:1 ratio (gymnast:coach).

Class Progression

Students and parents will be provided with skills mastery requirements in order to advance to the next level. Coaches will recommend a student’s placement and advancement based on these skills mastery requirements. Students must be able to complete the required skills with proper technique and safety.

Students may enroll in level 1 classes without placement evaluation. For levels 2 and above, placement evaluation or coach recommendation is required.

Class Attire
Boys must wear shorts and t-shirts. Bare feet only. Hair must be off face and out of the eyes; longer hair should be pulled into a pony.