team-paragraphOur philosophy is to provide a positive coaching environment that develops gymnasts to their full potential, while maintaining a fun, healthy, safe, and rewarding experience. At MEGA-DC, we understand that not every gymnast can commit solely to a competitive gymnastics track and we support our athletes in their needs and endeavors.

Gymnastics is both an individual and team sport, sometimes it’s easy to forget that. Gymnastics is more fun when you enjoy the people around you and are happy and healthy in your training environment! Our coaches nurture a team dynamic by building camaraderie and a collaborative, encouraging spirit amongst team members. Team gymnasts at MEGA-DC understand that healthy competition includes having the utmost respect for your competitors and teammates and demonstrating good sportsmanship.

MEGA-DC teams are for athletes who demonstrate an aptitude for the sport, have mastered the fundamental skills, and want the challenge of competition. MEGA-DC’s teams are by invitation only, with tryouts required. Usually tryouts are held once a year, but for students transferring from other facilities, special accommodations can be made. To schedule a tryout, please contact Melinda Sapp.

The competitive season runs from November through May, culminating in a State meet. Currently, MEGA-DC has competitive teams in the Women’s Artistic category from Developmental Pre-Team thru Optionals.






[x_callout title=”Team Trial” message=”We happily offer a 3 day trial for a gymnast transferring from another gym. If your daughter joins the team, the trial period will be figured into your first tuition payment however, if, for any reason, you choose not to enroll, there is no fee. Waiver required. Please contact us at 703-372-2922 to schedule.”